The Lynx Apollo Campaign

16 Jan


I think reviewing Lynx adverts are quite fun mainly because they are innovative, creative, humorous and unusual. On the theme of Lynx adverts I decided to look at the new ‘Lynx Apollo’ campaign which according to Mark Aschmann, Lynx brand manager at Unilever, “The Lynx Apollo launch is by far our largest marketing campaign to date… designed to drive consumer engagement and intrigue.’

The Lynx advert I have included as a link above is much exaggerated but suits the theme well. The reason for exaggeration is to reflect the strap line of the campaign ‘nothing beats an astronaut’ Therefore I expect everything to be dramatic and effective.

Interestingly enough as the theme is focused around astronauts and space-like features; Lynx is promoting Lynx Apollo, which includes body spray, deodorant, hair care and shower products. As well as the products, Lynx is also promoting a competition and the prize will include a winner to be flown to the USA Orlando, Florida, to ‘experience what it is like to be an astronaut.’ After the astronaut experience the lucky winner will be taken to space in 2014!
It seems that Lynx is really going the extra mile to engage with their customers. Unilever stated that the campaign is worth 12.6m and will run till April.

Even though I don’t use their products Lynx is very recognizable brand and I believe if there is a good integrated marketing campaign Lynx will draw more attention to the brand more than ever.

The campaign seems is quite exciting as everything links, from the astronaut themed promotions, to the fact the SXC space shuttle will be displayed in Westfield’s UK. I was so intrigued that I decided to review the website. .
The homepage looks very space-like, exaggerated and theme driven. There is a chance for the viewer to watch the 1 min video clip which is includes Buzz Aldrin giving a speech that informs about the LynxSpaceAcademy. The video is effective and includes dramatic music for emphasis and effect, which contributes to the theme. Overall the website is an extremely effective feature to the campaign as it gives you all the information you need about the competition and overall campaign.

This is a great campaign to start the year and hopefully the result of customer awareness will be high. As I have taken the time to look into this campaign, I feel more obliged to enter the competition and I know many will feel the same.  However if you look at the 1st step of the competition, the website states that you need your friends to vote for you. I haven’t actually signed up but I guess you may need loads of friends on social network platforms to vote for you while taking in consideration that you are competing with the world as this is a GLOBAL competition. This definitely benefits Lynx because the moment you get your Facebook friends involved you are indirectly promoting the brand, but the problem is you may need to convince everyone you know to vote for you. Ultimately the campaign will be promoted via word of mouth, social networks and media channels; overall brand awareness will reach its all time high.

This will be a very successful campaign!


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